What is it? 

The Plane Finder Radar is a high specification standalone ADS-B receiver with MLAT support.


The receiver is capable of tracking aircraft up to 250 miles away (depending on the antenna and antenna position). Tracked aircraft can be watched live on a map or list views via your computer.


The Plane Finder Radar is designed for plug and play use and includes Plane Finder 3D client pre-installed with additional port access for PlanePlotter, Virtual Radar Server (VRS) and third party software.


For a detailed specification please check out our Plane Finder Brochure

Can I install my own software on it?

No. The system is a “black box” to ensure long term reliability and ease of use.

How does it calculate MLAT positions?

The receiver intergrates with Plane Finder’s MLAT servers supporting highly accurate positional data. Only GPS enabled receivers like the Plane Finder Radar and the Radarcape are supported by Plane Finder MLAT.


Any MLAT Positions calculated using other Plane Finder receivers in the area are displayed in the local client map view.

Do I need to re-configure my firewall?

The system uses DHCP and is therefore Plug and Play on most home networks. For corporate networks and non-standard firewalls modification of the firewall is likely to be required.

Is Wifi included? 

No. The Plane Finder Radar has a single wired 10/100Mb Ethernet Port.

How does the included software stay up to date?

The system is auto-updated via Plane Finder servers.

Can I share data to other ADS-B networks? 

The Plane Finder Radar is already supported by PlanePlotter and VRS connectiong via an open port. This port is also available for decoding by third party clients. Third party clients, or any other software, cannot be installed on the Plane Finder Radar itself.

What happens if I need help or have a problem with my ADS-B receiver?

Please check out our Plane Finder Forum or email us via support@planefinder.net

Do you offer remote support?

Yes. This can be arranged on request.

My question is not answered here

Please contact support@planefinder.net and we'll try our best to help.